is one of the Internet’s most trusted hook-up site where people are looking for sexy affairs. Before joining Saphrina, you would be well-advised to create a second/secret email address that only you know because you don’t want to get caught. Then you can start exploring the site. After reading this Saphrira review, you will know how to use this legitimate affair site immediately.


  • Most members won’t upgrade their memberships, so if you do upgrade your membership and become a premium member, your success rate is extremely high because you won’t have too many competitors.

  • You never need to reveal your real name, location or even your real photo (you can upload a mysterious photo which doesn’t expose your real looks). However, please don’t lie about your looks, height and age. If you lie about these aspects, members who meet you in person will be disappointed and won’t be interested in you.

  • It’s extremely popular in ALL English-speaking countries, including Singapore and India! (Yes, even though arranged marriages are commonplace in India, you’ll be surprised to know that Saphrina has lots of members in India as well).


  • There are many more men than women on Saphrina, so the competition amongst men is fierce. Nonetheless, this stiff competition is among free members.

  • doesn’t perform very well in non-English-speaking countries.


Executive summary: As long as you don’t use stupid usernames such as “IWillFuckYouAllNightLong” and “SuckMyDick” (usernames like that scare women away), you have a good chance to meet women on Also, don’t tell other members how handsome or beautiful you are, as they can look at your profile and make a decision by themselves. Last but not least, avoiding naked photos is paramount on an affair and casual dating site like Saphrina. Reviews

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